Twenty One Pilots self-released its highly anticipated fourth album, “Blurryface,” late Sunday night. The album has fans buzzing everywhere. Prior to the release, the album was leaked on various sites. Lead singer Tyler Joseph tweeted, “Did you like them?” on the May 11, alluding to the song releases. In response, fans raved in excitement, anxious for the album to officially release, while frantically searching to find the leaked songs.

Topping the charts, “Blurryface” is number one on iTunes and was released on Spotify Monday morning. The full album can be purchased for $9.99 on iTunes now. Leading up to the complete album release, TOP released various singles from the album including “Ride,” “Lane Boy,” “Stressed Out,” and “Tear In My Heart,” including official music videos for three of the four early-released songs.

The album includes a mix of upbeat alternative-pop with heavy, raw melodies. It keeps listeners drawn into the music, as each song has its own individual sound. Hints of electronic beats keeps the album interesting and different. Still upholding his original lyric style, Tyler Joseph, lead singer, adds a creative twist to the album. This one will be hard to top.


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