A new semester brings new opportunities, a fresh start, new classes and new teachers. Many classes are a full year, but there are also semester classes offered.

A majority of the half year classes are, however, electives. Some are required to complete high school, and other electives are offered for personal enrichment. Typically, students have anywhere from zero to five ‘slots’ available in their schedules that are able to be filled with electives.

“At semester I had quite a few classes change including going from Cooking to Personal Finance and Ceramics to Study Hall. I needed to complete my art credits and Personal Finance is a required class for juniors, so I made room for that,” Jenna Stockman (11) said.

With the transition from semester to semester, new elective classes are introduced, causing a variance in the students’ schedules. They are then able to explore subjects they enjoy and find out what fields they might want to pursue in the future.

Make sure to contact your counselor for more information or check out on the home page to find a full list of classes that are available and to find out what you’re eligible to take.

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