Saturday, Jan. 23 Winter Formal took place at the Halls of St. George in Schererville. The theme of the night was “This is Our Story.”

Students attending the dance were greeted at the door with socks, the favor of the night. Written on the bottom was “I danced my socks off at Winter Formal 2016”. While the theme was “This is Our Story” students felt it wasn’t as prevalent throughout the night.

“I felt alive. It was a new level of excitement, dancing at formal is a different experience. I really didn’t care what was happening or who was there.  I wasn’t aware of the theme, it wasn’t very specific,” Camryn Halfeldt (11) said.

Nominated for Formal king and queen were Eva Kimberly (12), Jayna McDermott (12), Amber Stedt (12), Ryan Ruthrauff (12), Nick Sambor (12) and Jake Wisniewski (12). Closer to the end of the night it was announced that Sambor and McDermott were crowned king and queen.

“When I first looked at the email in my Gmail account I was pretty surprised and looking forward to going to the dance. After I was crowned the king I was really happy and glad that everyone voted for me.” Sambor said.

Lake Central Television sent student Caleb Beasley (11) to cover the dance, who recorded and took photos for the school news.

“It was absolutely electric atmosphere and I think you truly had to be there to be able to feel that energy. Covering it was a blast, especially being up on stage and feeling like you’re at a concert with the crowd,” Beasley said.


Check out the published version of the story at;



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