On Wednesday, Nov. 25,  Mrs. Rachael Thomas’s, Science, Forensics classes took part in a blood spatter lab. The students mocked a real life crime scene, in which they dropped blood from a variety of angles and heights to look at how the chemicals would spread or splatter.

“During the lab we got to see what the blood would look like from different angles and heights. I think it would have been more interesting if we were allowed to use real blood,” Jordyn Boeker (11) said.

Although students used fake blood, it provided real-world perspective on how blood would splatter at a crime scene. Next time the students will complete a similar lab but students will act out more in-depth fake crimes.

“The lab helped us understand our chapter and lesson better. It shows us what it would be like in real life but with fake blood,” Linda Morton (11) said.

Students often perform labs in class, creating a hands-on experience that creates a deeper understanding of the topics being covered.

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